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Begin Plus


Project Summary
The Begin project carried out between 2018 and 2020 has favored the creation and development of social enterprises for the work inclusion of disadvantaged people in 6 countries – Slovenia, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro.

The target social enterprises had a common characteristic, namely a positive environmental impact.
The project led to the generation of 2 outputs:
1. An international network of social enterprises facilitators, for the use of Social Business Models as a tool to stimulate the development of the social economy in the territories
2. Local Action Plan and a General Action Plan, for use by social enterprises facilitators, to promote the creation and development of new social enterprises by startuppers and various stakeholders

Begin PLUS intends to update and develop social enterprise models adapting them to public high schools, thus involving students and teachers in the project.

In particular, the objective is to stimulate the new generations to consider the social economy as a job opportunity in order to encourage them the creation of new social enterprises for work inclusion. For this reason the project wants to adapt the output of Begin n. 1 and the Social Business Models to the school system.

For this reason the project goals are:
-accompanying students and teachers to design and test social enterprise models;
-analyze the results and define a social economy education manual to repeat the experiences in other schools;
-disseminate the manual in other schools, involving teachers as potential facilitators;
-expand Begin’s network of social enterprise facilitators with teachers interested in using the manual.

The project also aims to involve public authorities to encourage the adoption of tools in high schools.